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Easy-DinnerRecipes is a web site www.easy-dinnerrecipes.com  that provides users with experience sharing, e-diary (blog), comment and discussion and other content related to applications that can be developed on the internet, mobile phones or similar platforms. All users who benefit from and / or benefit from the services of easy-dinnerrecipes.com via their address are expected to comply with these conditions regarding services provided at easy-dinnerrecipes.com.

If you think that the food services are abused or you are uncomfortable with the published information, please contact at www.easy-dinnerrecipes.com/contact/.

Purpose of

Users agree that the sharing, publishing and display of the easy-dinnerrecipes.com system is solely for personal commentary, sharing or discussion purposes and that they will not, in particular, serve any purpose, such as advertising or publicity.

Terms of Use

Every easy-dinnerrecipes.com user can share his name, surname and e-mail address in the related fields and can share and write articles and images via easy-dinnerrecipes.com as he wishes within the boundaries of the Site Terms of Use.

When the user is using easy-dinnerrecipes.com services,

  • He is personally responsible for any action he may take with his e-mail address.
  • The services and software provided by easy-dinnerrecipes.com are copyrighted by easy-dinnerrecipes.com and should not be reproduced or distributed in any way.
  • The personal information, ideas, expressions, files added to the easy-dinnerrecipes.com environment and submitted by easy-dinnerrecipes.com services are at the user’s own risk and that easy-dinnerrecipes.com will not be liable for any of these files, including but not limited to conflicts with other users , easy-dinnerrecipes.com is free to publish and publish these opinions and thoughts, and also accepts the right to edit these comments and comments through moderators and to correct mistakes in signing.
  • I agree not to access the services offered at easy-dinnerrecipes.com at any time other than by easy-dinnerrecipes.com and / or unauthorized access, and not to change the software in any way, or to use any of those that are changed.
  • All publications, processing and reproduction, dissemination, representation, signaling, sound and / or visual transmission of the correspondence, subject titles, aliases to be added to the media shall be in accordance with the general morality, etiquette and legal rules and shall be transferred to third parties And all the financial rights enumerated in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works dated 5.12.1951 numbered 5846 including the rights of assignment, have been transferred to easy-dinnerrecipes.com.
    Other users should not harass or threaten.
  • It should not behave in a way that negatively affects other users’ use of the easy-dinnerrecipes.com system.
    Do not publish, distribute or disseminate the names of persons or institutions with any spoofing, cheating, anti-moral, improper or illegal material or information.
  • You must not engage in advertisements, sell or not offer any goods or services, or conduct surveys, contests or chain letters.
  • It should not send information or other information or programs that harm other users’ computers.
  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com should not use its content, services, and other proprietary rights, for personal or business purposes, without permission from easy-dinnerrecipes.com.
  • In the event of a breach of the rules, easy-dinnerrecipes.com recognizes that it has the right to intervene and remove the user from service.
  • According to the law, transmission should not share prohibited information and not share unauthorized data such as chain mail, software virus (etc.).
  • You must not record, disseminate, or misappropriate personal information belonging to others.
  • It is acknowledged that cookie (cookie / cookie information) is used in easy-dinnerrecipes.com system and that cookies are the pieces of information that a user of a website has transferred to the cookie file on the hard disk of the user’s computer so that they allow users to navigateeasy-dinnerrecipes.com and prepare content appropriate for the needs of users accessing the site when necessary .

Authorities of Easy-dinnerrecipes.com

  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com can temporarily suspend or stop the system from running at any time.
  • There will be no liability for the users of easy-dinnerrecipes.com or the third party due to the temporary suspension or suspension of the system.
  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com will show the importance of providing services in a timely, secure and error-free manner, that the results obtained from using the service are correct and reliable, that the quality of service is responsive to expectations, but they do not commit them.
  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com has the authority to back up and delete files, messages, or entire periods in which they will be available in the media during their use of the system. Easy-dinnerrecipes.com will not be held responsible for the backup and deletion processes.
  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com has the information, documentation, software, design, graphics etc that it produces and / or buys from its own. The copyright of the works arising from the ownership and ownership.
  • Information, documents, software, design, graphics, etc. produced by easy-dinnerrecipes.com users and uploaded to the system by their own will (eg message, poem, news, file added to the panel) Processing, sharing on social media networks and / or any other adrese carriage which will be deemed appropriate by easy-dinnerrecipes.com in the easy-dinnerrecipes.com system. It is possible that this information will be copied, processed and / or published by other users. In these cases, the user will not be charged any royalties from easy-dinnerrecipes.com.
  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com can provide users with access to web-sites outside the easy-dinnerrecipes.com system. In this case, the user accepts in advance that easy-dinnerrecipes.com is not responsible for the content of the sites to which it will transition.
  • Easy-dinnerrecipes.com user-service-free services can be turned into a membership that requires membership over time, open additional services, change some services in whole or in part, or turn them into paid services.
  • easy-dinnerrecipes.com is obliged to give personal information to the requesting user if requested in accordance with the law.