Sirna That

Sirna That




15 min


15 min


for 3 person


15 minutes


15 minutes


  • 1 egg
  • 6 tablespoons curd curd cheese
  • 2 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1 packet of vanillin
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 glass of flour

    To cook:

  • 5 tablespoons oil

Key point

The dough you have prepared will be a dough in a sticky consistency. You can use a freezer spoon or a normal spoon to shape this gum easily. You can also try our recipe by using milk cheese instead of curd cheese.

How is it prepared?

  1. Take the curd cheese in a bowl. Use a mixer, cutlery or crusher to crush it for a few minutes.

  2. Then add the eggs, powdered sugar, baking soda and vanillin and crush them well.

  3. Add 3/4 flour to this mixture. Mix well.

  4. Transfer the remaining flour into a flat bowl. Remove the tiny pieces from the soft dough you prepared using a spoon or ice cream spoon.

  5. Transfer it into a flat container and give it a round shape by pouring it with your hands. Apply this process until all the dough is finished.

  6. Transfer fluid into the ceiling and start to piss on the middle.

  7. Transfer the tiny dough you prepared in the light to the dough and bake it until you get to the side with the back side, paying careful attention to keeping the shapes smooth and the sides also being cooked.

  8. Relax and serve for a few minutes after cooking.

Service Offer

You can put honey on it, you can put the fruit, chocolate moss or cheese you want, you can taste the products with the taste of your choice.


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