Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding





20 min


20 min

The most nutritious of the dairy desserts, rice is the best and sweetest rice pudding recipe. After the consistency is reached, the oven puddle is given to the oven. It is a nutritious dessert we are familiar with from childhood years.
On hot days a ball can be consumed with the addition of ice cream. The sweetness of sweetness, which can be adjusted to the taste of the powdered sugar; To use in the decision of Pirin and to cook in a raucous fire. When cinnamon is added, it is not satisfied with taste.
Dinner can be ready, what’s up with the sweetie


cups of rice 1.5
cups of hot water 3
cups of milk 4
cups of granulated sugar 2
tablespoons of rice flour 2

Key point

After mixing the rice flour thoroughly with milk to avoid lumps, gradually add to the rice that has been boiling and be careful not to add it.

Cooking Advice

Optionally; You can add vanilla to the rice pudding mixture, you can reduce or increase the amount of sugar.

How is it done?

  1. Wash the water in plenty of water and boil rice until it softens with the addition of hot water.
  2. Mix milk, powdered sugar and rice flour in a separate bowl with a whisk to powdered sugar and rice flour.
  3. Add the milk mixture to the boiled rice gradually and mix the milker quickly.
  4. The thickened milker, distribute to service pallets. After that, lift to the refrigerator and cool.
  5. Serve cold, share with your loved ones.

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