Pamukkale Cake

Pamukkale Cake





20 min


35 min

Ingredients for Pamukkale pastry recipe

  • 5 eggs 2 soup spoon flour 4 coffee cup finely powdered sugar 1 water glass milk cream For cream: 1 liter milk 1 egg 2 soup spoon rice flour 10 soup spoon powder sugar 1 packet vanilla 3 soup spoon cocoa

Pamukkale cake preparation

Beat 5 eggs, flour and powder sugar in a deep bowl. Pour the mixture into the oven pans. Cook for 20 minutes in a 200 degree heated oven and cool.

To prepare the cream; Milk, rice flour, eggs, powdered sugar, vanilla and cocoa pot. Bake for 15 minutes with low heat.

Remove the small pieces from the cool dessert. Roll it in your handbag and lightly press it down and dip it into the cocoa cream and place it on the serving tray.

Beat the milk cream with the mixer. Pour over the sweeties and serve.


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