Okra Of Okra

Okra Of Okra




40 min


40 min

Ingredients for canned canned recipe

  • 1 kg of okra
  • 1 kg tomato
  • 1 teaspoon lemon salt

Preparation of okra preserves

  • Cut the upper shells of the fishes conically and wash them with plenty of water. Peel the shells of the tomatoes and chop them and add a large pot. Bake the tomato juice until it leaves. Add the words. Add lemon salt when the bowels start to squeeze lightly.
  • Turn the stove back on the back of the colors and fill in the jars. Add hot water to the gaps and clean the edges of the jar. Close your lid. Turn it over and turn it over a towel. Be careful not to leak in the jar. If it leaks, close it again with a new lid and store it in a cool place.


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