Mixed Tomato Paste

Mixed Tomato Paste




2 min


30 min


1 medium jar


2 days


30 minutes


  • 12 red pepper caps
  • 2 red peppers
  • 1 kg. pink tomato
  • 2 tablespoon rock salt
  • 1 tea spoon red powdered pepper

Key point

Instead of drying it in the sun, you can make your olive more densely in the oven. If you choose the method of drying in the oven, you can prepare your salmon in 2 hours by cooking in a 100 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Add olive oil on the jar with 1 finger thick when hiding the slice. It will last longer and the risk of mold will be reduced to a minimum.

How is it prepared?

  1. Remove the stem parts of red capers and hot peppers. Divide into two and extract the core parts.

  2. Cut it out in large cubes after you have removed it.

  3. Remove the stems and white hard parts of the tomatoes and chop them into large cubes.

  4. Sprinkle rock salt between the tomatoes and peppers and transfer them into a medium-sized cooker. Close your lid and let it rest for 1-2 days.

  5. Then add some water and cook on a low heat for about 20 minutes. Remove the draining water. You can store this water as a vegetable juice by transferring a kavano for use in your meals.

  6. Then transfer the slightly oppressed peppers and tomatoes into a blender. Provide good mixing and crushing.

  7. Pass through a porcelain or a strainer that you have prepared. Get a mash of darkness.

  8. Sprinkle it beautifully in a clean tepe or in a flat bowl. Cover with a clean cloth.

  9. Place the sun somewhere and leave it to dry under the sun, stirring occasionally.

  10. In a few days, it will get thick and taste. Then add the powdered red pepper to your taste buds. Mix well. By transferring it to the jars, you can enjoy it by keeping it in a cool and dry place.


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