Lobster Vellus (With Crispy Bacon Or Prosciutto)

Lobster Vellus (With Crispy Bacon Or Prosciutto)


  • The materials to make lentil soup
  • you will find them in argiro. gr
  • In performing this recipe
  • where are you
  • there is the link to follow it and find out all the details and materials of the recipe
  • For velvet lenses we also need it
  • Prosciutto slices or slices of bacon

How to make?

To make the velvet lentils, put the cooked lentil soup in the blender and slurp (click here to find the lentils recipe )

The density of the velvet depends on the fluids we add or subtract.

For a more velvety, smooth texture, we pass the velvet out of a fine mesh.

Serve the velvet lentil in a warm bowl, sprinkle some olive oil and sprinkle a finely chopped bacon or prosciutto.

For the crisp prosperity
We spread the sliced ​​slices on non-stick paper, put it in a sheet and bake at 200 degrees in the air for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Allow the absorbent paper to dry and cool. We break it into small pieces.
Garnish salads or stews-chili/">soups .


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