20 min


40 min


6 people


20 minutes


40 minutes


  • 1 kilogram wire
  • 200 grams of butter
  • 400 grams unsalted antakya kunefe cheese

    To cook the kongefeyi:

  • 50 grams of butter

    For sherry:

  • 350 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 sweet spoon lemon juice

Key point

If you put the kadayfa in deep freeze before preparing the kunfa, it will be broken easily and the wire will be broken. After the sugar melts in the water, it should be boiled for a long time in order to reach the sherbet consistency. To know if there is a syrup; When you cast the mixture you picked up in the spoon, it should be drained continuously like a spoon string. In order not to dilute the künefeye, fresh and unsalted künefe cheese is squeezed by squeezing the water. By constantly turning the knife over the cooker (there are special apparatus for it), you can also cook on low heat. The sherbet is cooled and rested at room temperature, and the keun taken from the brush should be quite warm. Take care to cover the cheeses so that they do not leave any space. Otherwise burns will form on the skull.

Cooking Advice

If possible, make sure that the tray you are baking is baked, if possible, to distribute the heat evenly.

How is it prepared?

  1. To prepare the cold syrup that you will travel on the hot fudge; Take the powdered sugar and water to the pot.

  2. Boil the mixture of sherbet that you bought on the floor and stir it up.

  3. Add about 15-20 minutes boiling and thick lemon juice and then mix it with the heat. Stand by on an edge for the cold.

  4. Take a wide pile of wire scrap. Make small pieces by hand with your hand. After you have put the butter you have left in the room temperature, continue to feed it with your hands and feed the butter.

  5. Divide the mixture of golden buttery colored buttery kadayif into two equal pieces.

  6. To cook the künefeyi; with a portion of the butter you have kept waiting at room temperature.

  7. Pour half of the mixture of buttery kadayif into the bottom of the baking tray.

  8. After soaking the water, sprinkle unsalted Antioch cheese, which you crush with your hands, so that there is no space left over the kadayıflar.

  9. Cover the cheese with the remaining buttery kadayif mixture. Apply the remaining butter.

  10. Bake the kunefeye until you get to the top of the 200 degree preheated oven.

  11. Take the cold syrup that you prepared beforehand on the pomegranate blossom that you pour out of the oven.

  12. Share the künefeyi, which has been rested for a short time and sucks, with your loved ones as warm or warm as you wish after slicing.

Service Offer

According to your desire you can serve it with the addition of cream.


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