Garam Masala (Masala Garage)

Garam Masala (Masala Garage)


  • 3 ml of coriander
  • 2 kg of cumin
  • 2 kg of cardamom
  • 2 kg of whole black pepper
  • 3 laurel leaves
  • 1 Mr. of the whole sweet carnation
  • 1 Mr. freshly ground nutmeg
  • 1 whole cinnamon stick

How to make?

For Indian Masala spice mix, add all ingredients except nutmeg to a dry pan and toast for 10 minutes at moderate temperature. Mix regularly to cook evenly. When the materials darken slightly they will release a rich smoky scent. Then, remove them from the pan and let them cool down.

In a coffee grinder or mullet, add the spice mixture together with the nutmeg and grind them until they get the texture of the sand. Store your homemade spice in a sealed container away from humidity and heat.


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