Drop Gummy Cherry Jam

Drop Gummy Cherry Jam




15 min


20 min


2 medium size jars


15 minutes


20 minutes


  • 500 grams cherry
  • 1.5 cups of powdered sugar
  • 4 pieces of gum
  • 1/4 piece of lemon juice

Key point

Add the drop gum into a tiny cheesecloth instead of adding it directly to the biscuit flavoring. You can increase the amount of sugar as you can prepare the jam consistency to be darker or lighter than your taste buds.

How is it prepared?

  1. Carefully remove the cores of the vases using an apparatus or a pipette.

  2. Transfer the cores that you removed from the cores into a strainer. Carefully wash it and place it on a strainer so that the excess water is drained completely.

  3. Then transfer it into a deep cooker and add powdered sugar onto it. Close the cover and let it rest for 4-5 hours.

  4. Transfer the drop gums into a tiny cheesecloth piece. Firmly tie the mouth and place it inside the can.

  5. Begin to cook until the quench water is pulled down and the powdered sugar is thoroughly melted. If water is missing at this stage, you can add water as much as 1/2 cup of water.

  6. When you approach the last step, add lemon juice and mix well. Do not forget to take the foams that form on these stages.

  7. When the cherries are thick enough, remove the drop gum from inside. Remove from the oven and let it rest for 1 hour at room temperature. When it is cold, it can be preserved by transferring it to glass jars or storage containers.


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