Cake A La Mode

Cake A La Mode




10 min


6 people


10 minutes


0 minutes


  • 3 pack ready roll pastry
  • 700 ml. ice cream
  • 1 sweet spoon ready powder coffee
  • 1 tea spoon powder sugar
  • 1 water glass of hot water

Key point

The roll pastry you choose when preparing your pie is according to your taste; you can choose white cream or whole cocoa. The ice cream flavor will fill you in and your taste will be completely satisfied.

How is it prepared?

  1. Remove the roll pastry from the package and slice it about 1.5 cm thick.

  2. Start to place these slices in a round and deep whale that you have covered with a complex stretch of film. Cover all the canals and the base with slices like this.

  3. Prepare a cup of hot water, powdered instant coffee and powdered sugar in a cup. Soak this cup of coffee a little over the base of the cup and the slices of cake you have placed on the edges.

  4. Cover with a stretch film and stand in the ice for half an hour.

  5. While he is waiting, remove the ice cream from the ice tray and let it dissolve.

  6. At the end of a half hour, take out your cup from the ice tray and open the stretch film. If you want to make color color layers, place the ice cream into the cabinet in order according to the colors.

  7. Close the top with the remaining rolls of pie slices and soak it a little more with the coffee you prepared. Stretch the film again and throw it into the ice.

  8. After soaking for at least 1 hour, remove from the freezer, turn the container over and place it on a serving pan. Remove the stretch film on top and serve it by slicing.


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