Practical Information In The Kitchen And Cooking Tips

cooking tips

The key point of making soup;

• We will use it in the vegetable soup.
• If it does not catch the squab of the bovine and it becomes very watery, add the oil and flour into the soup.
• Consider your overrated bread. You can serve stale suits as garnishes next to sacks. Cut the platter into small chunks and put a glass in it. Sprinkle some of the spices on your plum and stir fry with olive oil. After the fry like gold, take it in the jar and wait for the soup.

The key point of making a nice salad;

• If you dry the ingredients thoroughly while preparing the salad, you can let the mushroom penetrate.
• Add salads to your salads while pouring the sauce and prevent the grease from passing through before adding it.
• Keep the greens in the fridge while they are kept dry and in a non-breathing container.
• Hold the lemon in hot water before squeezing for more water and drill the fork.
• Store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator without washing, it will last longer.

The key points of cooking rice;

• When you are making rice, you should wash the rice starch thoroughly so that the rice becomes white.
• If you drop a few drops of lemon while cooking rice, you will get a bright and grain rice.
• If you add powdered sugar while cooking rice, you will contribute to its taste.

Tasty key  points for doughs and desserts;

• Print your fingers to understand that the dough is fermented, if it is becoming old, it is complete.
• If you want to shorten the baking period, heat the oven at 40 degrees and turn it off. Cover the dough for 20 minutes in a hot oven.
• When preparing the börek, make sure the sauce is well drained and tasty, then cover it and leave it in the fridge overnight.
• When sponge dough is pouring the dough, take a dough with the spoon lightly towards the edges, pit the middle and place in the oven. It will rise equally.
• If you add the sweetest vanilla, the vanilla flavor is more effective.
While cooking the chicken …
• Hold the chicken and fish in the fridge for 1 hour before frying and frying.
• If you keep the chickens in the milk for 2 hours before cooking, they will be softer and tastier.
When you’re cooking …
• Firing potatoes instead of boiling them is healthier than lowering the glycemic index.
• Add peeled potatoes and cook with the food to get more salt.
• If your food has run out of oil, you should put a lettuce leaf in it and you will see that all the fat is collected.
• If you eat your spices after you have tasted your appetite, you will not lose your aroma.
• Throw a little salt into the bucket while roasting or frying the onion, it will not burn and will not jump.
• When you add olive oil into your buttery, your oil will not be browned.
• If you add some caraway into the cooked beans, you will get the gas.
• Do not add milk or water cold into the flour you roast while preparing the sauce.
• If you add vinegar to the boiled water while preparing the egg or bag or egg, the egg will not disperse.
• While sausages are cooked, stand in cold milk for 5 minutes to avoid cracking.
Other helpful suggestions for your kitchen pantry …
• Place the saucepan in a heat-resistant container to refresh the stale breads, place a pan filled with water until halfway, close the lid and cook the medium sauce until the breads soften.
• To refresh the stale breads, sprinkle water on it and put in the oven bag and hold it for 10 minutes in a heated oven at 170 degrees.
• Put a few cloves of garlic in your jar to keep your legumes from bugging.

Be in a corner of our kitchen while you are in the kitchen

• Did you miss the salt of your food too much? Throw a few slices of potatoes into it, and more salt potatoes will not.
• Are you complaining about your baking smell? Put your oven in a pan filled with half vinegar, half water and warm your oven in this way for a few minutes and then let it cool. You will notice that the smell is gone.
• If you want to leave your onion or garlic smell on your hands, rubbing with boiled potato is the best solution.
• Wash your vegetables in salt water to provide a more effective and faster cleaning.
• When the mushroom sotter is on, open your lid so that the mushrooms are not too watery and dark.
• It is enough to leave a container full of salt in the refrigerator to get the nibs.
• If you have difficulty removing your new cake from the stove, keep it by spreading a wet cloth under the cabinet.
• Putting your defatted egg in the flour storage container prevents it from being infested with flour.
• When boiling eggs, put a spoonful of vinegar in the water, so you can cook the egg without cracking it.
• If you add a little milk to the cooking water while cooking cauliflower, you will see that cauliflowers have a very good color balance and do not smell bad.
• If you are complaining that the used salmon has deteriorated very quickly, add olive oil by correcting it so you can keep it for a longer period.
• If you do not want to make mist while cooking a glass covered lid, rub the glass lid with lemon.
• Sprinkle a few sprigs of leaves between them while hiding fruit, so your fruit will stay fresh longer.

How can we cook foods more accurately?

• When cooking your meals, we recommend that you use methods such as boiling, baking, and cooking in the oven as much as possible instead of frying or roasting in oil.
• If you want to add different flavors to your meals, you can get very good results with vegetables and spices, fatty sauces are not the only solution to add flavor to your meal.
• You can try using low-fat milk instead of cream while preparing sauces or cooking soup, it will be a much lighter and healthier choice.
• When cooking vegetable food, two tablespoons of oil (preferably olive oil) will be enough for a kilo of vegetables. If you are cooking vegetable food with meat, you will not need to add oil.
• Try to use the grill not only for food such as meat, chicken, fish, but also for vegetables. Vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini and onion can produce very good results.
• You can mix an egg and two egg whites and cook the vegetables with a little water in the pan.
• You can use it in your veggie meals and pork balls that accumulate in boiling water.
• It is much healthier and tastier to cook potatoes instead of frying.
• Use greasy paper instead of lubricating the base of your baking tray.
• In recipes such as cookies, cakes, pastries, you can make choices like dry fruit, honey or molasses instead of sugar. You can also choose skim milk to reduce fat.





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