Practical Information When Cooking

Practical Information When Cooking

Practical Information You Can Practice Phile Cooking

1- Add a little sugar while setting to make your pickles more tasty.
2- To make eggplant less fat, chop half an hour before frying and stand in salt water.
3 – When your eggs are at room temperature while making cakes, your cake will get more bloat.
4- Use a rock salt instead of table salt when setting it up for quick softening of your pickles.
5. Relax until the temperature of the room is reached so that your cake does not disperse while removing from the mold.
6 – When you eat too much salt of your food, take a few pieces of peeled raw potatoes into the pot, it will get more salt.
7 – Always beaten in the same direction to keep mayonnaise in preparation.
8. Peel the onion in a bowl filled with water to keep your eyes alive while onions are peeled.
9- If you keep your onions in the fridge, you will have fewer eyes when you turn right.
10- To peel the tomatoeshell easily, dip in boiling water, after a fine scratch, run the blade’s backside in the direction of the tomato.
11- While reheating your rice, if you boil your rice cooker by placing it in a larger pan filled with water, your rice will maintain its freshness as you first prepared it.
12- If you do not boil the hard fruit before jamming before jamming, the fruit becomes hard when the jam is thickened.
13 – You can add 2-3 celery stalks when setting up to add flavor to your pickles.
14- To distribute the cracked egg, add 1 tablespoon vinegar to the boil water to boil it.
15- If you have missed the salt of your meal, throw a few potatoes sliced ​​into it. Take some potatoes after you have cooked for a while, and you can get some of the salt in this count.
16- You can add some salt for the pinking while onions are roasted.
17- When frying, you can put some salt into the pan for splashing.
18- Before frying the sausages for frying, you can scratch the knife 1-2 or you can open the forks with a fork from several places.
19- If you break the salt while boiling the corn, the corn becomes hard, so salt it after boiling.
20- Put some sugar in the boiling water to make boiled corn tastier.
21- You can evaluate your stale breads by preparing bread. For that you just have to fry them in the oven and pour them in the rondon.
22- In order to preserve the freshness of dry brown cabbage, it is enough to store 1 rough cut sugar in a metal or glass jar.
23- After you have washed the mushrooms you want to cook, do not let them stand in lemon water.
24- You can add some milk into the boiled cauliflower to get offensive odor.
25- Preheat and cool the water in the amount of water you will use to prevent the formation of organisms in your pickles.
26. Slice and season the bread with olive oil and garlic.
27- In order to restore the sweetened beetle, wait in a cup filled with hot water inside the jar, you will soon see that you are getting old.
28. Before you put the dough in it, lubricate the mold and sprinkle a little flour so that the mold does not stick to the mold.
29. Add 1 handful of coriander seeds while setting to increase the flavor of the pickles.
30- The fry of liver can be hardened very quickly, enough to add some flour to prevent it.
31- Make sure that the equipment you are using to dry the egg whites is not dry.
32- Throw a little rice into your salt so that the salt does not make a damp.
33- Take care that the pickles are not fresh and loser, it will be more delicious on this side and will last longer.
34- When you do the pastry work, make sure that all your materials are at room temperature.
35- Rest in the fridge for about 1 hour after you have laid it.
36- If the dough is warm and soft when you cook it, you can wrap it in a stretch film for 15-20 minutes in the fridge.
37- If you use the oven, your chicken will be even more delicious by cooking in its own water.
38- If you put 1 onion into the chicken cooked in the oven pouch, you will see the unpleasant smell disappears.
39- You can marinate with milk and olive oil.
40- If you do not want to stick to each other while frying the potatoes, wash 2-3 of the slices and leave to drain.
41- If you want your rice to be whiter, add 1-2 drops of lemon juice into the cooker.
42- If you do not want your pilaf to be mush, wash the water 2-3 times until the starch is gone, then shed.
43- You can add a little potato roe to make your pizzas softer.
44- If you want your region to be like a pomegranate, you can apply some yogurt.
45- You can freeze the chicken boiled water in ice molds, then use it in your meals.
46- If you want to cook well, do not open the cover of your oven for the first 20 minutes.
47- If the cake you have prepared is crumbling, you can hide the imperfections by covering it with cream.
48- You can put a small piece of butter into the cooker to prevent the mold of your jam.
49- Make sure that the jams you choose for your jam are not very mature.
50- If you have mold on your pickles, take them with a küfökir and add olive oil to cover them. It will not hold mold anymore.

Easily Get Rid of Unwanted Smells

– In order to remove the onion odor from your hands, you can rub the potatoes you have previously cooked for five minutes by rubbing your hand at the end of your job in the kitchen.
– Old teapots that have not been used for a long time get a very unpleasant odor over time. The easiest way to prevent this is to put a piece of cut sugar inside.
– If you add some milk to the cauliflower boiled water, you will notice that it is white as snow, and it does not get bad.
– Put some cabbage pickles in to get the smell while cooking celery. Pickles will get the celery flavor.
– The cabbage has an unpleasant odor when it is baked. To prevent this, it is enough to put some bread inside the pot that you will cook the cabbage. In order not to mix with food, you should put the bread in a small, clean bag, then you will be able to pick it up and give you great convenience.
– To remove the garlic smell from the hands, take some salt in your pouch and rub it lightly after gently moisturizing. If you soak thoroughly with soap, you will see that garlic smell has come out. Even onions and fish smell.
– If you dip your fingers in the vine before the onion begins to sieve, you will see that the smell of onion does not reach your hand.
– It is not easy to remove the fish smell from the leaves, from the forks, from the knives. Put a lot of coffee beans into the washing water to remove the smell of the fish. The wire will not smell the fishy smell. Then rinse off with plenty of water as you know.
– Some of the fruits in your refrigerator and the smell of the foods in the other dishes. If you put some milk in a small bowl and place it in a corner of your cupboard, you will see that the unwanted odors are absorbed by the milk.
– Squeeze lemon juice to prevent bad smell coming from the fish. So you can use the same oil in another frying pan.
– If you pour a little bit of soda into the garbage can you have avoided the bad smell that surrounds it.
– Put a wet cloth on your tencer to remove the burnt milk smell. Then remove the cloth over the pot, then rinse it over the tencerinin again. Repeat this process several times.
– If you do not want the odor to spread when you cook the roast, boil water in a bowl.
– Rinse thoroughly with a slice of lemon cut into half to smell the smell of your breadboard.
– Add two tablespoons of vinegar to boil water to get rid of the smell spreading while boiling the shrimp.
– To remove garlic-onion smell from hand; After washing the hands with soap, it is useful to hold a metal cooking spoon in your hand and let it sit under the tap water for a while


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