How to Lose Belly Fat? 10 Tips for Melting Belly Fat

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Umbrella oils are often identified with male weight gain, but the umbilicus and waist circumference are among the most difficult to lose weight for both men and women.

Getting rid of belly fat is not only important for a better looking body but also for being healthier. Because these organs surround the organs, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes are among the leading causes. It’s getting harder to get rid of umbilicus oils as metabolism slows down in later ages.

The general belief to dissolve belly fat is to do more exercises that operate your abdominal muscles, but in fact this is not useful because regional exercises only work muscles and there is no effect on the fat layer that covers them.

How to lose belly fat? And how can we get rid of stubborn oils? Here are 10 suggestions you can use to dissolve your heart, based on researching the results.

10 Tips for Melting Belly Fat

1- Give up from sugar

You can think of the food as a new piece of sugar added to your drinks, followed by your belly fat. Your body does not need any sugar other than sugar and fruits. The sugar, which contains pie, cake, biscuits, pastry, tea, coffee sweet drink, sugary sparkling beverages, sugary fruit juices and many other products, causes completely empty calories and more fat.

Fructose, especially in ready-to-eat foods, can only be processed by the liver, and if you consume too much sugar, the liver does not cope with excess fructose after a while and turns it into fat. Aside from the excess weight created by this condition, serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases arise (1, 2).

2 – Do Not Drink Packaged Drinks

Fruit juices that we see in grocery stores and usually say “100% Natural” on their label contain sugar added later. We all already know how sweet a cola and other sodas are. In addition, products sold as athlete drink and energy drinks contain sugar. If you want to melt your belly, stay away from these drinks.

If you are planning to drink from products that say “O Calorie, Sugar Free, Diet” in your packaging, I will give you one bad news for them. Such beverages generally contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin. These artificial sweeteners may provide 0 calories to drink, but there are many side effects. Migraine, palpitations, depression, brain cancer, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances are just a few of these side effects (3).

In addition to all this, research into the effects of diet drinks on weight loss says that these drinks have an effect on the contrary to what is thought. For example, in a study conducted with 3682 adults, it was determined that those who consume 21 boxes of dieting beverages a week were 2 times more likely to have weight gain and obesity than those who did not consume these drinks (4).

3 – More Protein Consumption

Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss. The main reasons for this are increased intake of 441 calories per day and 60-100 calories per day by accelerating metabolism (5,6,7).

If you want to melt belly fat, it will be the most important step to switch to a nutritional program that contains more protein than carbohydrate weighted diet. Protein weighted diet not only melts the belly but also reduces the risk of re-lubrication of this region (8).

There are also some research findings that protein-weighted diet does not only provide general weight loss but also directly melts belly fat (9).

You can melt your belly by consuming more natural eggs, fish, seafood, low-fat red meat, poultry, and dairy products that are known as quality protein sources. Of course, provided that this feeding style is constantly applied.

4 – Reduce Carbohydrates

If you can control the carbohydrate you consume from the foods you consume you are much easier to lose weight. Along with the decrease in carbohydrates, your appetite also decreases and you get less calories. In the research conducted in this respect, it was concluded that instead of reducing fat during dieting, weight loss of carbohydrates was 2-3 times more weight loss (10).

In addition, carbohydrate-restricted diet programs can help you lose weight, as well as help you get rid of fat more quickly, especially in the belly of the belly.

5 – Consume more nutrients

The non-digestible parts of herbal foods slow down the passage of food from the midgut to the intestines, creating time for the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals present in the food. As the digestion process slows down, the feeling of satiety after eating will be longer, your appetite will decrease and you will not have to eat something between meals.

According to one study, you can lose 2 pounds in 4 months without any diet by taking 14 grams of nutrients (3 medium-sized shell apples) within 1 day. I think it’s pretty good to lose 6 pounds a year without any diet (11).

According to another research, taking 10 grams of dietary fiber per day provides a 3.7% reduction in umbilicus fat (12).

6 – Move more

Instead of exercises that target only the abdominal region, choose exercises that work muscles throughout the body. Just remember that pulling the shuttle does not melt the belly fat, that the fat found in the belly and other areas is burned equally and that there is no such thing as regional weakening by exercise.

The common result of many studies on the effect of exercise on weight loss is that “regular exercise allows you to lose weight more easily and permanently” (13). The longer you hold your pulse, the more your body burns fat and your heart melts so easily.

Of course every exercise program may not be suitable for everyone. For example, if you have any heart problems, your doctor will recommend mild and moderate exercises such as walking, swimming, and cardio exercises. If you are going to a gym, you can ask the experts there to prepare an exercise program for you.

7 – Take note of what you ate and how much you ate

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the day we forget what we ate and when we try to come home and make calorie counts in the evening some snacks can be completely out of our minds. The best solution is to keep a diet book to prevent it.

With this notebook, you can clearly see what you have eaten, how many calories you have, and if you can not get the results you want from your diet, you can have an idea of what you need to fix.

8 – Read the Labels of the Foods You Have Received

Sometimes this can be a little tricky because some of the items in the label and food items section is not readable with a “normal” eye. If you can not read the label, it’s best not to take that food. Be careful when reading the calorie value of the product because the amount of calories contained in the package usually indicates the energy contained in 100 grams of that product.

For example, if a 250 gram packed hazelnut contains “628 calories” in the calorie section, that package is usually 1570 calories. They write “100 grams”, which is too small to be read, but it is really hard to read.

Also, if you do not write “candy” directly on the inside of the package of packaged food, that does not mean it does not contain sugar. If you are writing fructose, lactose, corn syrup, sugarcane water, it means sugar added later.


9 – Use vinegar in your salads

According to a research conducted in Japan on the effect of acne on weight loss, consuming 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar a day reduces the body fat rate (14). Vinegar also prolongs the feeling of satiety by avoiding blood sugar fluctuations that are experienced after meals (15,16).

10 – Organize your sleep

According to a study by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, less than 6 hours a day and more than 8 hours of fatigue are more frequent than those sleeping regularly in the lumbar region and around the internal organs of unregulated sleepers (17).

As a result, what you need to do to lose weight is not different from what you need to do to melt your belly. Carbohydrates should be replaced with protein and avoided from packaged foods, to ensure that the calories you receive from the calorie are low enough, to exercise for 150-200 minutes a week, and to make them habit after a while will break the faith of those stubborn oils.


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